5 Secrets to Better Sales Closing

Some sales people are having a hard time closing the sale, often because they are not doing what should be done. Improve on the closing techniques and you will improve on your sales batting average.

1. Target the right market

If you are selling something that does not cater to all, do not sell to all. You have to target the right market so your efforts will be focused. Start with the group where most of the people in the group will likely buy what you are selling. When you have saturated that group, then go to the next with lesser potential buyers. You just cannot sell a ski set to someone who lives in a desert unless he plans to go to the Alps, nor can you sell shampoo to someone who is bald unless it is meant to be a gift for someone else.

close more sales online

close more sales online

2. Do not sell; help instead

People do not want to be sold to but they want to buy. They do not want to pay; instead, they want to invest. Different approach, same result: a sale, but the latter is more appealing, thus, more acceptable. You do not sell a house. You help the person own a house. You do not sell a mobile phone. You help the person be able to get what mobile phone fits his needs.

3. Avoid questions answerable by yes or no

Questions can be leading. It is a powerful tool used by sales people, if used correctly. While questions that get the ‘yes’ answers are good if you mean to get the approving moments (series of yes answers to magnetize the buyer), if there is a possibility of a ‘no’ answer, then it is not good. Like, “Would you like to earn more,” would earn you a yes answer 99% of the time, but, “Would you like to buy my sewing machine,” would likely give you a no, 99% of the time, unless you asked a seamstress.

A gauge of consumer confidence hits 5-month low

A gauge of consumer confidence hits 5-month low

4. Highlight the benefits, not the features

Features are what the product is made of. Benefits are what good those features are to the buyer. “This Swiss knife has a toothbrush attached to it.” That’s a feature. So what? “As long as you always bring your Swiss knife, you always have your toothbrush with you so anytime you need it, you have it in your pocket. If you just happen to eat some onion bagel, you can easily go to the washroom and brush.” That’s the benefit.

5. Listen to objections and find solutions

When something is still misunderstood, there would be more objections. This is not just to shut you off. You have to listen to what the objection is. “The place is elevated. I just cannot go up.” That is an objection usually for real estate. You have to find a solution to make the climbing easier. “You can have walkalator installed, but at least you will not be affected by flood, in case it happens, you will be the last.”

Closing a sale is often ruined by the sales person. Listen to the client. Target your market, help them, guide with your questions, show the benefits, and offer solutions.

On Choosing What Suits You Best: Fixed Vs Adjustable Rate Morgages

The idea here is to assess your financial capabilities on how you handle such amortizations. Either of the two has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to look at some point before coming up with a decision that will suit your lifestyle and financial situation. Adjustable rate mortgages are at low cost and are very tempting to home buyers at the most but yet they still carry its negative features. While on the other hand, fixed rate mortgages ensures the buyers of higher security but it is truly more expensive than the other. Here are some more pros and cons for you to balance it all out.

Advantages of a Fixed Rate Term

Fixed rate mortgages are easy to be handled. You don’t have to worry about the interest rate blowing up on your face when you get delayed payments. The interest rate and the monthly payment of a fixed rate mortgage stay the same no matter what happens. This is good for you if you want that solid monthly payments that are constant. When you want the exact budget allocation for all your credits, this is highly recommended.


Fixed rate mortgages are not really built for your own safety net. It is not basically customized so whatever the amount of the cost that you have to pay, that cannot be changed over time. This is really an off option if there are falling rates where you would tend to refinance everything to lower avail of the lowered rates on some time. Refinancing costs a lot especially when you have to spend on closing costs, a trip to the company’s title office, and managing tax forms, blank statements, and the likes. It is so much trouble since your mortgages doesn’t allow you to adjust.

Which type of loan is better for you?

Which type of loan is better for you?

Benefits of Adjustable Rate Mortgages

This is the more popular one among the two rate mortgages. Adjustable rate mortgages are often lower than the fixed rate mortgages given that the current market status fluctuates. ARM advantages are more closely meets the needs for those who don’t intend to permanently own the property on full term. This is also flexible for those who are currently not earning too big but are expecting a rise on the income the soonest. Adjustable rate mortgages offer an alternative for property holder in case of any disruption on market conditions.

Disadvantages of Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Adjustable rate mortgages are not consistent. You may happily be paying lower rates right now but you might expect changes on the rates someday. The risks that the rates will increase dramatically are not impossible. What was once an easy and affordable loan mortgage may become too much of a burden you’ll find yourself drowned with it. The rates can get so high that lyo0u may find yourself withdrawing from it and the property itself. This is a very risky type of mortgage if you don’t have an expected income that would cover any situation of sudden rise of the market.

Fixed vs variable rate mortgages

Fixed vs variable rate mortgages

In raising decisions on how to pay your mortgages, it is really important to watch over your plans and intentions. If you feel you could grow old in what you invested, then it is typical that you choose fixed rate mortgages. But if you feel like you would be selling soon and tend to relocate more often, then adjustable rate mortgages might make sense to you. 

How to Eat Healthy While Dining Out

Dining out is a good way to bond with friends, officemates and even your family. This is a good way to get an update about each other’s lives. When you dine out, your food options are limited only to the food being served by the restaurant or the food establishment. Sometimes you’ll have no choice but to eat even if you know that it is not a healthy choice. Nevertheless, here are some tips to remain healthy while eating out.

Do your research

Before dining out, research the restaurant or the food establishment that you are going to eat. You can read some comments from other customers and get the recommendations from them. There are restaurants that post their menu online so you’ll know which are healthy and which are not. There are even food establishments that post the ingredients of their meals so you’ll be confident that what you are eating. By researching, you’ll have an idea where to go and where not to go.

 Healthy Choices At Mexican Restaurants

Healthy Choices At Mexican Restaurants

Order what’s in season

Another tip to ensure that your meals are using the freshest ingredients is to order what is in season. By ordering what is in season, you can be sure that the supplies are replenished regularly. When the supplies are replenished regularly you can be assured that the ingredients used are new and fresh and you’ll get the most nutrients from the meal that you will order.

Watch what you drink

There are many drinks that have more calorie content than one whole meal. Instead of ordering mixed drinks, order only pure drinks. If you want to drink fruit juice, you can order plain pineapple juice instead of mixing it with other ingredients. Don’t drink too much especially drinks that contain alcohol. If you drink too much, your inhibitions in eating might disappear and you might end up eating more than your regular intake.

What's Your Focus: Diet or Exercise?

What’s Your Focus: Diet or Exercise?

Split your meals into two

There are many meals in restaurants that have servings that are good for two persons. When you feel that you can’t consume everything, split one order so you can have two meals already. Aside from the money that you will save, you’ll be able to have a meal just enough for two persons. By splitting the order, you will not force yourself to eat more, and you will have just enough to fill yourself up.

Order well-cooked meals

While the half-cooked meals maybe tasty at home, you might want to skip that when you are dining out. Order only half-cooked meals when you absolutely trust the restaurant and you know that their meals are safe to it. If it is your first time to eat in that restaurant, be wary and order only well-cooked meals to be safe.

After all, you can still remain healthy while dining outside. By following the tips above, you need not worry about what you eat and when you don’t worry, you’ll be able to enjoy the food, have fun with your friends and family and have fun every time you dine out with them.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Call It Quits

Relationships aren’t perfect, but sometimes patience just gets too limited and you start saying to yourself “enough!” But wait, is it really time to let go, or you’re just over-reacting? Arguments arise because couples have different preferences as individuals, and one has the tendency to insist over the other.

As others would say, “don’t make decisions when you’re angry.” If you can name one reason to break-up, find 5 more reasons why you shouldn’t if you think it’s a relationship worth keeping.

5 Good Reasons NOT to Break-up

1. You still feel good with your partner if you’re together

Happiness is a rare thing to find in someone. Yes, you’re happy with your friends and family but the happiness your partner brings is an entirely different thing. This is something that you should observe every time you are with him. If you fell happy when he’s around and you somehow forget your fight last night, you know that you’re in love and it’s a relationship that you want to be in.

Top 5 reasons relationships end

Top 5 reasons relationships end

2. Your partner never fails to make an effort to show affection

Showing one’s feelings is very important to keep the flame alive. Without the cuddles, kisses, or surprise hugs, the relationship could make the other ask for more. There are many ways on how to show affection and each person has his own way of showing his emotions and being familiar on how your partner shows his can be very helpful.

If you still smile every time she says “I love you” or you will make the same old laugh every time he says something silly, don’t make haste decisions that you could regret in the long run.

3. You can’t imagine life without your partner

Morning kisses and goodnight cuddles are some of the things that couples love, but these are just minor aspects of a relationship that you can grow to live without. Sometimes, you have to look into the “bigger things” in your relationship and check if you can or can’t manage to live without it such as spending the day with her, making decisions by yourself, or having a family in the future. If you can’t imagine doing these alone or with some other person, cling to the relationship and fix the problem. If you can, you know what to do,

Stick With It, or Call It Quits? What to Do about Relationships at the End of the Semester

Stick With It, or Call It Quits? What to Do about Relationships at the End of the Semester

4. Someone is just influencing you to break it off

The people around you and their experiences can help you work things out, but if you let anyone get in your decision, then it’s something to think about twice. Sort opinions of other people about your relationship and take it objectively. If you should let other people know about your problem as a couple, keep in mind that they have their own biases and in the end, it is your decision that should be followed.

5. He/She is the best thing that happened to you

When you started your relationship, everything changed for the better, from the way you act to the plans that you make. You know your partner is worth keeping if he/she brings out the best in you and you begin to see things positively. You get along with your family and friends better and everyone is happy that you have each other. You can’t please everyone but if you get all the YES votes from your partner’s family and friends, why waste it?

There’s a reason that you allowed yourself to be in a relationship and it’s something that you should fight for. There is no perfect relationship since couples themselves are not perfect as persons but there is always a way to fix things before you can finally call it quits.

Logitech’s Harmony Ultimate: Is It the Last Remote You’ll Ever Need?

People believe that universal remotes will soon be unnecessary because tablets and smartphones can do whatever they can. These gadgets can definitely take universal remotes to its end, but it seems that consumers are not yet ready to bid goodbye to their universal remotes. It’s just perfect that Logitech has finally launched its Harmony Ultimate. They say it’s the last remote you’ll ever need. Let’s take a closer look at this new remote and see what it’s got.

What does it offer?

The Ultimate has a new Harmony hub, an accessory found in the package, that supports RF. This Hub supports 2 mini-blasters. It is more than enough to take care of everything that’s found behind your media consoles. The Ultimate also works great from all angles. It also has support for Bluetooth, IR, and Wi-Fi. People who have the Wii and PS3 will find the Bluetooth feature to be very important. You can turn on your game console and the rest of your equipment using the Ultimate. The new remote from Logitech also works with the upcoming Playstation 4 from Sony and the Xbox 720.

What else can it do?

It can control up to 15 devices. Its color touch-screen is also easy to use. You have control over TV programs, music, and movies simply by swiping or tapping the screen. It has a vibration feedback, which tells you that the device has received your command. You can program the buttons according to what you want.

Your remote, evolved

Your remote, evolved

Introduction of an enhanced app for iOS and Android

This new app makes it possible for users to control the systems with the use of their smartphone or tablet. It’s a great feature for parents who wish to have more control over what their kids are watching.

What’s the Ultimate’s best feature?

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Review: The Last Remote You’ll Ever Need

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Review: The Last Remote You’ll Ever Need

It has support for the Philips Hue lighting system. That’s pretty amazing. If you get the Hue starter package, you will get 3 bulbs for 200 bucks. The Ultimate can control a lot of lights. And with a lot we mean up to 50 of them. The Philips Hue is an incredible wireless lighting system and the first in the whole world. You can even recreate colors with the use of your smartphone. You can also capture a photo and use it. You’ll see several pointers on the screen and you just have to drag the pointer to a certain color in the picture. The bulb will change to that color right away.

This new remote is definitely something you should check out. Its features are truly advanced, making it the last remote you’ll ever need. At 350$, this remote is certainly worth your money. Get the Ultimate soon and you’ll be one of the first people to experience what Logitech has successfully created.